California Probation Resource Institute

California leads the nation in changing the culture and focus of the justice system.

Over the past decade, California Probation has led an evolution of change centered on rehabilitation, enacting evidence-based practices focused on each individual.

About the Institute

The California Probation Resource Institute (CaPRI) was created to further the advancement of best practices and evidence-based approaches to continue to drive research-based programs that work for public safety and client restoration.

Current Projects

The Institute’s first report will focus on an assessment of the implementation of SB 678 over the past decade and how incentive-based funding has changed the culture of probation in California.

Our Mission

The Institute is a part of a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and evolution of best practices through independent, data-based analysis of California’s probation. The Institute will provide analyses and recommendations of juvenile and adult probation by partnering with esteemed academic experts from top universities.

Why the Institute

California’s system of community corrections and Probation’s evidence-based approach with a principle focus on rehabilitation is different than most other jurisdictions. There is currently little data and independent analysis on the substantive changes and outcomes to California’s unique environment after a decade of reform. As probation data and research are often cumulative across the nation, an accurate view of California probation is often lost. The Institute’s work is dedicated to collecting and analyzing data in California to advance and evolve best practices in the State.

Current Projects

Adult Probation

The Institute’s first report will be led by respected expert Mia Bird who is a visiting assistant professor at UC Berkley and Ryken Grattet who is a Professor of Sociology at UC Davis, the expected report will focus on the impacts since the enactment of SB 678. Specifically, Bird and Grattet will focus on describing the policy change and shift that has taken place in the approaches probation departments take in managing their populations and assessing how the characteristics and outcomes of those populations have changed under SB 678. The initial report is anticipated to be complete by early 2020. 

Juvenile Probation

CaPRI will collaborate with respected experts on a report focused on the review of the evolution of juvenile justice in California over the last 25 years and how probation practices have changed over time. This report will include how state law pertaining to juveniles has changed over the last 25 years, and how these changes have affected probation’s responsibilities and obligations to serve youth in the areas of prevention, intervention, detention and supervision in the juvenile justice system. More details on this report will be posted this fall. 

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